Wet N Dry, like the weather

On July 16,1987 Patrick K was born in Graz, Austria. Music has been a childhood passion for him. Always listening to music and absorbing the mood around him.
In 2009 his first track appeared on Inceptor Rec (Mission to high) and in October 2010 his track (The Secret) will be released on Flavorite Music.
Since early 2010, he does the free radio (Radio Helsinki) his show “Bet Up Radio” He is assisted by “Landlord Beat,” “Cloud Nine” and “Flavorite Music” who host his show on alternative weekends.. All talented artists in electronic music.
With future release to come on Flavorite Music, gigs in and around Europe we can expect to see this fresh new brand of dj popping up more and more behind the decks, on ipods and being played on dancefloors for music lovers all over

Where is Patrick yet?


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